Month: August 1998

Pray—And Plan!

A recently widowed woman wants to remain in the house where she and her husband raised their children. Because she lives alone, she purchased a home alarm system. Now she feels hypocritical when she prays for protection. But she need not feel guilty. In the Bible, wise planning and humble dependence on God go hand-in-hand.

One More Miracle

If you are looking for a praise and worship pattern, look no further than Exodus 15.

What Are You Worth?

Sometimes an enemy of God's truth becomes a truth-teller without intending to be.

The Me In You

Journalist Shana Alexander wrote a book that was very sympathetic with the case of a woman who was convicted of a serious crime. The writer was sensitive to the plight of the accused for several reasons. First, she felt that the woman was unfairly sentenced—two similar cases had resulted in leniency from the court. She also said that the accused had been smeared by the tabloids, which resulted in adverse public opinion. But the most compelling reason was that Shana saw herself in the woman. "She reminds me of me. We're all capable of doing this," said Alexander, commenting on the crime in question.

Flow And Overflow

When a cup is filled to overflowing, whatever spills over the edge is the same as what's being poured in. That is a natural process that I can understand.

Living Like Royalty

In the fall of 1997, I had my first closeup look at royalty. Zeeland, Michigan, the small Dutch town where I was born, was celebrating its 150th anniversary, and Princess Margriet and her husband honored the city with an official visit from the Netherlands.

Good Medicine

We live in a day when more is being said about health and nutrition than ever before. In fact, we hear so many conflicting opinions that we hardly know what to believe.

Dandelions And Dollars

Several years ago I was a missionary home on furlough, feeling anxious about my mounting financial needs. One morning at the farmhouse where I was staying, I talked with the Lord and finally handed over these needs to Him.

E-Mail Challenge

It came to me as a two-sentence e-mail from Norway: "I think that Jesus Christ never existed, and I believe we are from monkeys! You are stupid to believe in Jesus."

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