A woman was experiencing several complications from a serious illness. “As a nurse,” she said, “I know what to expect. Things will only get worse.” After listing the problems that would come as her disease progressed, she expressed her confidence that the Lord would be with her all the way. Then she quipped, “I just wish it wouldn’t take Him so long to take me to heaven.”

In Jeremiah 12, we find that the prophet was despondent. Then the Lord told him that what he was currently experiencing was like running with the infantry. But what lay ahead for him would be like trying to keep up with the cavalry (v.5).

Treachery on the part of his own countrymen, as well as famine, natural disasters, and invasion by ruthless enemies were in store for him and his people. But a ray of light penetrated the darkness of the scene. If the Israelites (and even the cruel pagan invaders) would repent and put their trust in God, they would be restored and be able to bask in the sunlight of God’s favor.

Is your health deteriorating? Are your family and work situations getting worse? Do you worry about national disaster? If you are a believer, don’t be discouraged. The final outcome will be glorious for all who trust in God!