People who don’t attend church often give some rather interesting reasons for not doing so. To show the weaknesses of those excuses, someone has compiled a humorous list called “Ten Reasons Why I Never Wash.”

  1. I was forced to wash as a child.
  2. People who wash are hypocrites—they think they’re cleaner than others.
  3. There are so many kinds of soap, I could never decide which was right.
  4. I used to wash, but it got boring.
  5. I wash only on Christmas or Easter.
  6. None of my friends wash.
  7. I’ll start washing when I’m older.
  8. I really don’t have time.
  9. The bathroom isn’t warm enough.
  10. People who make soap are only after your money.

The application is obvious. Most excuses for not going to church are weak. So too are the reasons people offer for not giving thought to spiritual issues and for not accepting Christ as their Savior. Despite the self-evident reality of a Creator (Rom. 1:19-20) and the “many infallible proofs” that Christ is all He claimed to be (Acts 1:3), people often use ridiculous, self-serving excuses as reasons to avoid a relationship with the Lord. The apostle Paul warned, “They are without excuse” (Rom. 1:20).

When it comes to something as serious as your spiritual condition, don’t be caught making excuses.