What color is God? That’s the question James McBride, an African-American author and musician, asked his Jewish mother when he was a boy. His autobiography contains the following story: Walking home from church one day, he asked her if God was black or white. She replied, “God is not black. God is not white. God is the color of water. Water doesn’t have a color.” That was indeed a wise response.

We know that God doesn’t have a color because He doesn’t have a body. He is Spirit and He’s present everywhere (Ps. 139:7-12). Whether we’re sitting at home or flying miles above the earth, He is there and we can call out to Him. His ears are always open to our cry (Ps. 34:15). He isn’t an idol or a mere idea. God is Spirit, almighty, always present, ever available.

An atheist was engaged in a public debate with a Christian about the existence of God. To emphasize a point he was making, the atheist wrote these words on a blackboard: “God is nowhere.” In rebuttal the Christian simply split the last word so that the statement read, “God is now here.”

That truth can give us assurance, strength, and comfort each day as we trust in Him.