Some time ago, I read about an American named Arthur Reed, who was 123 years old. The facts about Arthur are astounding. He married for the third time when he was 92, took 5-mile walks when he was 100, and rode a bicycle until he was 110. He worked until he was 116. When he was asked the secret of his long life, he replied, “They made me of good dirt.”

The writer of Psalm 90 suggests that anything beyond 70 is an exception to the rule. No matter how good the “dirt” we are made of, our bodies will eventually go the way of the fast fading flowers, the fleeting morning mists, and the dissipating clouds. Even the longest life eventually becomes like a quickly passing yesterday before the everlasting God (Ps. 90:4). The psalmist wanted his readers to see how short our time on earth is in contrast to eternity.

This reminder should cause us to ponder the secret of the life that is truly long—eternal life in heaven. It’s to number our days. It’s to make sure of our salvation through faith in Christ and to live each day for Him.

Don’t miss everlasting life by assuming that even the longest life gives you plenty of time to prepare for eternity. Today is the day of salvation.