When teaching adults, Jesus talked about childlike faith (Lk. 18:15-17). In 1 Corinthians 13:11, Paul spoke of childish thinking.

In an article for Good News magazine, Duffy Robbins contrasts childish faith and childlike faith:

Childish Faith

  1. Good Christians don’t have pain and disappointments.
  2. God wants to make us happy.
  3. God always answers prayers.
  4. Faith will help us to always understand what God is doing.
  5. Good Christians are always strong.

Childlike Faith

  1. God uses our pain and disappointment to make us better Christians.
  2. God wants to make us holy.
  3. Sometimes He answers with “No” or “Wait.”
  4. Faith will help us to stand under God’s sovereignty even when we don’t have a clue about what God is doing.
  5. Our strength is in admitting our weakness.

Here is the heart of the matter: Childish faith is self-centered and demanding. It expects God to shield us from all difficulties and to make life comfortable for us. In contrast, childlike faith focuses on God. It trusts Him to use even difficulties for our good and His glory.

What kind of faith is yours?