We can’t put God in a box. He shows the world His supernatural power according to His own will, not ours—and sometimes in ways that don’t look miraculous.

In the film based on the novel The Robe, a Roman centurion named Marcellus was mystified as he watched a crippled woman playing a lyre and singing praises to God. He was told that when she was 15 she was stricken with paralysis and became severely embittered. When she met Christ, though, she was transformed into a joyful woman. “But she still can’t walk,” Marcellus protested angrily. “If Jesus had such great power, why didn’t He cure her?” “He did!” was the reply.

A modern-day disciple named Michael has a similar testimony. Although paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair, he travels the world in the energizing power of Christ and for His cause. Whenever people ask why God hasn’t healed him, he replies, “I am healed. I just can’t walk!”

In the past, God authenticated His messengers with signs, wonders, miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit (Heb. 2:4). Today, the greatest demonstration of God’s power is the miracle of new birth and changed lives. Does a watching world see in us that He is a miracle-working God?