When author and preacher David Field arrived at the country church where he was to be the guest speaker, he was introduced to a choir member. He asked her what she did. “I keep pigs,” she replied. “How many do you have?” he inquired. Without hesitation she answered, “A hundred and ninety-two at the moment.” Laughingly he responded, “Really? Are you certain of that?” With indignation she retorted, “Of course I’m sure. I’ve got names for all of them, haven’t I?”

Imagine knowing the names of 192 pigs! But why not—if you regard them with the fondness that woman had for her herd?

What about the Creator, who has a name for each of the countless stars in the sky? (Isa. 40:26). That Creator is also our Good Shepherd, whose love for us rises far above the level of our human affection. And that Good Shepherd calls His sheep by name (Jn. 10:3).

We may be tempted to think that Almighty God, who upholds galaxies upon galaxies, can’t possibly be concerned about us and our problems. But Jesus said that the heavenly Father notices and cares for the needs of even the smallest animals, and that we are of much greater value (Mt. 6:26). He knows our names and meets our needs.