There are some people who would be greatly disappointed if they didn’t have something to gripe about. They are so occupied with their little troubles that they lose sight of all their big blessings.

During the years I was a medical doctor, I had a number of patients who seemed to enjoy complaining about their physical ills. I would examine them and not find a single thing wrong, yet all they did was whine and complain. Pains here, aches there, and as one expressed it, “I just feel no good all over.” In my opinion, it was all imaginary. It seemed to me that if they would only start to count their blessings they would soon forget their troubles.

How different the case of the very old woman, penniless and weak, who was asked, “Auntie, how is your health?” “Oh, I have so much to be thankful for,” she replied. “I have only two teeth left, but thank God, they are opposite each other!”

Before you begin another day, stop to count your blessings instead of dwelling on your troubles. Use the words of Psalm 103 as a guide and sing a song of thanksgiving to the Lord. If you are a redeemed child of God, praise Him! You have the greatest blessing of all.