An infant requires at least four things: food, fresh air, exercise, and the help of others. This is also true in the spiritual realm. We need food (Bible study), fresh air (praying), exercise (service and witnessing), and help from others (fellowship in a good church). A follower of Christ who neglects any of these four practices cannot expect to be well-rounded and growing in his spiritual life.

This reminds me of a story about a man named Bill. He had never gone to church in his life. No matter how much he was coaxed, he couldn’t be persuaded to attend even on a special day such as Christmas or Easter. “When it freezes in June,” he would say, “then I will go to church.”

One year there was an unusually cold spring, and it stayed that way into June. The first part of the month the temperature dipped to freezing for several nights. Everyone thought about Bill and what he had said. Perhaps this spell of cold weather would finally get him to attend church.

It did! One Sunday, Bill made his first appearance in the church building—while the organ played softly. Six men carried him in! Bill finally made it, but he was lying in a casket instead of sitting in a pew.

Don’t be like old Bill!