Conceit is sin. It is a highly inflated view of oneself. Some people are so conceited that they expect everybody to be impressed and to jump at their commands.

A rather large and arrogant man, whom we will call John, missed a train. The next train did not make stops at his little town unless there were six or more passengers to be picked up. He sent a message to the conductor: “Stop the train at this station for a large party.”

When the train pulled into the station and stopped, John walked on. The conductor stepped off, looked up and down the platform, and then demanded to know where the other passengers were. John answered bluntly, “I am the large party.”

Some people are big in their own eyes and feel that everyone else must cater to them. The best cure for such an overinflated view of oneself is a good look in the mirror of God’s Word. If you think of yourself more highly than you should (Rom. 12:3), then read Psalm 14 and Romans 3:9-18. These are God’s candid-camera shots of the human heart.

Pride should find no place in the heart of a follower of Jesus Christ.