I have discovered that 90 percent of the things I’ve worried about never came to pass. And when what I had feared did occur, God’s grace was always sufficient.

Then why worry? It is the silliest thing in the world for the Christian. This does not mean that we should thoughtlessly rush ahead in life. There is a big difference between foolish worry and wise, thoughtful preparation for the future. To eliminate worry, we must face the coming problems and responsibilities with faith, trusting God for His grace and provision.

Some people fuss over their troubles the way mothers pamper their babies. They cuddle them, rock them, hug them, cry over them, and hold tightly if you try to take them away. Such people want you to fret with them and to support their belief that they have been treated worse than anybody else. Their preoccupation with worries usually makes them selfish. They think more of their own little troubles than they do of all the world beside.

Are you troubled by fears and worries as you face today and think about tomorrow? Instead of feeding them, turn your concerns over to God. Psalm 55:22 tells us, “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you.” Believe it, and worry will lose its grip on your heart.