Do you believe everything you read in the newspapers? What about the information given on TV news or radio talk shows?

A Roper survey showed that even though Americans overwhelmingly (80 percent) believe that the press is essential to a free society, only 2 percent believe everything a newspaper reporter tells them. For TV news anchors, the trust level is only at 5 percent. And for radio talk-show hosts, that figure drops to 1 percent. Justified or not, it seems that we don’t trust our news sources.

There is one news source, however, that will pass the test of 100-percent reliability. It’s the biblical record of the good news of Jesus Christ. Delivered by people whose words were inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Bible has been safeguarded from error. It is the absolute truth about man, God, sin, and salvation.

King David wrote about the reliability of God’s Word. In Psalm 19, he called God’s law perfect, His testimony sure, and His judgments “true and righteous altogether” (vv.7,9).

But even more important than revering God’s Word, we must learn it and live it! Read the Gospels, pore over the Epistles, ponder the Psalms and the Prophets. The Bible has news you can trust—and news you can use!