The first youth group I attended was led by a woman who loved every one of us. She prayed for us by name every day. She tracked us down if we started to miss meetings. She advised us when our behavior became inappropriate and confronted us when we sinned. She was our advocate and confidante, and more than once she spoke up for us at church business meetings.

To me, she put into practice the principle taught in John 21:15-17. Three times the Lord asked Peter if he loved Him, and three times Peter answered that he did. Then Jesus said, “Feed My sheep.” This suggests that as we are filled with love for Christ, that love will pour out to others. It will be demonstrated in acts of compassion.

It does little good to tell the Savior we love Him if we never show any love for His sheep. It means little to say we have a burden for Christian prisoners, for example, if we never have any contact with them.

If we truly love Jesus, we will show it in deeds of compassion for His people. If we say that we love Christ and do nothing to serve other believers, the reality of our love must be called into question. Do you love Him? Then pour it out!