No matter where Jesus went during His ministry in the region of the Sea of Galilee, He caused a stir. But most important, He led people to action. Those who observed Him firsthand were moved to do something.

Notice how the people responded:

  • Obedience. The fishermen followed Jesus (Mk. 1:18).
  • Amazement. The people marveled at His power over demons (v.27).
  • Service. Peter’s mother-in-law served the Lord (v.31).
  • Proclamation. Those who saw Jesus in action told others what He had done (v.45).

We have heard about Jesus so often that we sometimes fail to sense the excitement that the Galilean folks showed. They were genuinely touched by Jesus’ presence, so much so that no matter where He went, there was a crowd.

Jesus has done some remarkable things in our lives. He has transformed us from death to life. He has given us the Holy Spirit. He is at God’s right hand praying for us. He is getting our eternal home ready.

We can respond to Jesus by taking a cue from the people He visited in person. Obey Him. Be amazed by Him. Serve Him. Proclaim His name. Remember, there are still other people who need to be impressed with Jesus.