For Lorraine Fusco, it may have seemed that her useful days on earth were behind her. Cancer struck at the base of her brain and traveled down her spine, paralyzing her completely. Tubes were used to feed her and help her breathe. The only voluntary movement she could make was to open and shut her eyes and mouth.

There certainly wasn’t much Lorraine could do, but she refused to sulk and turn sour, or to bemoan her fate and curse her condition.

According to her husband, pastor Bill Fusco, she became a prayer warrior and a shining light of hope. During one stay in the hospital, she so influenced two workers with her joyous outlook that they put their trust in Christ. Later, while her husband served as a college president, she spent entire days praying for each student.

When death finally claimed her, she left a powerful testimony. Lorraine lived joyfully for God despite her trials. She saw her suffering as part of God’s will—and she gave every ounce of her energy to serving Him (1 Pet. 4:19). She could do nothing but pray and live joyously, but that was enough.

We all have limitations. If we focus on them, we’ll find that serving God is a chore. But if we focus on what we can do, we’ll make an impact for His kingdom.