Most people are interested in news, but only if it’s fresh. We read today’s newspaper, not yesterday’s. Ratings for news programs would drop out of sight if they covered only last year’s or last month’s events.

That same need to remain fresh and up-to-date applies to our recognition of the good things God does for us. He wants us to acknowledge that His mercy and compassion are “new every morning” (Lam. 3:22-23).The author of Psalm 33 realized how important that is, so he called for a new song (v.3)—a new expression of what the Lord has done for us in the past, as well as what He is doing for us in the present.

The psalmist said that God created the stars above and controls the seas below (vv.6-7). He is deeply involved in international relationships (v.10) and every dimension of personal experience (vv.14-15). God is watching, and He shows a special kind of care for those who love Him (vv.18-22).

The Lord is still doing great things today. Look around you at His handiwork. See how His power and wisdom are revealed in nature and in man. Then sing a new song of praise to the God behind it all. Don’t treat the good news of His power as if it stopped a long time ago.