The Bible clearly teaches that our lives will remain unproductive unless we begin to practice what we believe. We may combine large amounts of Bible reading, prayer, and churchgoing, but if we lack the essential element of faith, we will not experience any significant spiritual growth.

I thought about this truth while talking with a chemist. He said that if you mix hydrogen and oxygen, the components of water, you get no reaction—and no water. But if you add a small amount of platinum, things happen very rapidly. A chemical change occurs. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms unite to form a new molecule, which we call H2O.

The spiritual parallel is clear. Just as a catalyst such as platinum is needed to produce water, so faith must be present in our hearts if we are to experience progress in our relationship with the Lord. We must rely wholeheartedly on the wisdom and integrity of God’s written Word and be confident that He can and will do what He has promised.

When we exercise our confidence in the Lord, we will begin to see the difference He can make in our lives. Then we will experience the “chemistry” of spiritual change.