After Steve Jones won the 1996 US Open golf tournament, he accepted the trophy and said to the crowd, “I just thank the Lord Jesus Christ. . . . Even with God on my side, I was still pretty nervous.”

In an article for Sports Illustrated, John Garrity said this about Jones’ statement: “His words drew cheers from the . . . grandstands. But in seminaries, convents, and temples across the land, the response was probably more restrained. The Jesus of the Bible, after all, spent most of His time ministering to losers. The Messiah was conspicuously absent from the luxury boxes and winners’ circles of imperial Rome.”

I’m sure Steve Jones knows that God does not side only with winners. He was just using the occasion as an opportunity to witness for his Savior.

Jesus associated with all kinds of people, whatever their station in life. He was “a friend of tax collectors and sinners” (Mt. 11:19). I was reminded of this while talking with a wise elderly woman. She said, “I keep thinking of all the common folks Jesus ministered to. We can’t forget the common people.”

Winners, losers, wealthy, poor—Jesus died for all. Those who choose to trust in Him are the real winners.