Things were going along as well as could be expected in the Sunday school class for 2-year-olds. But then along came “Charlie.” As soon as we took him from his mother’s arms, he squirmed and fussed. Like a broken record, he whined over and over, first for his mommy, then for his daddy.

Then a nickel fell out of his pocket, and his tune suddenly changed. As he clutched the five cents in his chubby little fist, Charlie cried over and over, “I want more money!” Finally, one of the other adults thought he might quiet Charlie down by giving the youngster a penny. Quickly the cry became, “I want another penny!” Then it switched back to, “I want more money.”

I couldn’t help but think how childishly adult his words were. Sure, money has its place. But as the wise man who wrote Ecclesiastes realized, those who love money will not be satisfied with it (5:10). The best way to live, therefore, is to work hard and be thankfully satisfied with whatever increase the Lord gives.

Yes, loving and trusting God makes a whole lot more sense than being like Charlie, who responded to his restlessness with the cry, “I want more money!” If we have the Lord in our life, we need nothing more.