It was the night before Steven would lose his adenoids and tonsils to a surgeon’s scalpel. Being 9 years old, he was fearful of what the next day would bring. The old “You get to have all the ice cream you can eat” line had worn itself out. Steven knew he was in for some tough days ahead.

Then the phone rang. It was our pastor, Jim Jeffery, calling Steven from an airport while on an out-of-town trip. When Steven got off the phone, he proudly announced, “Pastor Jeffery prayed with me on the phone!”

Later, after Steven had recovered from the surgery, he went to Pastor Jeffery to thank him for the phone call. He told him something he hadn’t told us: “After you prayed with me on the phone, I wasn’t scared anymore.”

Prayer is a powerful tool whether we pray alone or with others. The psalmist cried out to the Lord and was delivered from his fears (Ps. 34:4). In Steven’s case, prayer helped a young boy who feared an unknown tomorrow. In your case, it may help you understand God’s mysterious ways when you lose a job, a relationship falters, a child goes wayward, or your faith seems small.

Share your concerns with others, and talk to the Father together. It’s a great way to put your fears to rest.