When I met John, he was weighed down with guilt and despair. I told him about the forgiveness and hope that Jesus offers. I invited him to put his trust in Christ. I also tried to show him that this amazingly simple gospel is a mind-boggling message with far-reaching implications for time and eternity.

The apostle Peter noted both the personal simplicity and the cosmic awesomeness of the gospel in his sermon in Acts 2. First he emphasized God’s role in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus (vv.22-24). He declared that God had exalted Jesus as “Lord and Christ” (v.36). Peter also pointed to the personal nature of the gospel. He said that we receive forgiveness and become participants in God’s eternal program through personal repentance and faith in Jesus Christ (v.38).

Because of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, we can become part of God’s kingdom. It’s a kingdom with values at odds with the world, a kingdom where the power of death has been vanquished, a kingdom that will shatter all others and usher in everlasting righteousness and peace.

God’s boundless grace has ordained this great gospel for all the world—and it’s ours personally! By grace through faith in Christ, we belong to an eternal kingdom.