Church people can get quite upset about music. Some Christians feel that God is particularly drawn to old hymns sung to the strains of a pipe organ. Others are sure that God enjoys choruses sung over and over again. Some clap their hands when they sing while others fold their arms.

Many modern Christians would be quite unsettled if they had to worship with the ancient Israelites. They might resent the loud, boisterous music. And talk about a praise band! The instruments in the orchestra—wind, string, and percussion together—sounded out their hymns to God. In the middle of the worship, people danced. Large choirs sang their anthems heralding God’s greatness. Unfortunately, many Christians would hear only the noise. What is worse, they would be angry because they couldn’t fire the worship leader or quit and join another church.

One thing we dare not overlook in our disagreements about worship: God demands our praise! That is not negotiable. He would be dishonest if He said there was something or someone in the universe more worthy of praise than Himself.

Don’t waste your breath arguing about how to worship. Worship! “Let everyone that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!” (Ps. 150:6).