Amy had just about had it with her lively 2-year-old. The week had been difficult as she tried to stay ahead of her little tornado. Over and over again Amy had to say no or give patient reminders about correct behavior. It required vast amounts of emotional energy.

Then came the Sunday evening service. There was no junior church, and her little girl was at her wiggly, loud-whisper, constant-motion best. At one point all that could be seen was her feet sticking straight up in the air as she lay on the pew. Amy was frustrated and embarrassed. What must the older couple sitting right behind her be thinking?

As she came into the church the next week, she ran into the older gentleman. “Uh-oh,” she said to herself, “Here it comes.” She was surprised by what he said. “What a great little girl you have. She’s a special gift from God to you.” It was just the kind of understanding and encouragement she needed to make the task of mothering her active little girl easier.

We go to church for a lot of reasons—worship, giving, learning. According to Hebrews 10:24-25, we are also there to encourage one another. Perhaps today you can offer the kind of encouraging word that lifted Amy.