The engineer on the Norwegian-American liner Vistafjord had invited some passengers to visit the ship’s bridge. After he explained the operation of the navigational equipment, one of his guests remarked that all the brass gleamed as if it were gold. “How often do you polish it?” the man inquired. “Every day,” the engineer replied. “The minute you stop polishing, it starts to tarnish.”

That comment was like the self-appraisal made by the great pianist Ignacy Paderewski. Talking about the need for daily practice, he said that if he missed a day, he would notice the difference in his playing. If he missed several days, the critics would notice the difference. And if a week went by without practice, the public would notice the difference.

Both the engineer and the pianist teach us the same lesson. We had better not be sporadic in our spiritual disciplines if we want to become more like Christ and if we want our lives to be attractive testimonies for Him. Like David, we should praise God every day (Ps. 145:2). Like the Bereans, we are to search the Scriptures daily (Acts 17:11). And like Daniel, we need to set aside times to pray throughout the day (Dan. 6:10).

Does your spiritual life need polishing?