Science continues to refine ways of reducing noise. By producing “anti-sound,” unwanted audio waves are canceled out. Carefully controlled frequencies are used to offset and therefore eliminate unwanted noise.

This has an interesting parallel in the Bible. Men of God learned long ago to combat a different kind of noise pollution. In Psalm 59, David described the threatening voices of his enemies by comparing them with barking, snarling dogs (vv.14-15). He implied that their remarks were menacing and uncouth.

Yet David found relief by using the “anti-sound” of praise to the Lord (vv.16-17). He discovered that the annoyance of godless enemies could be reduced by singing about the power of the One who provides strength, protection, and hope for those who have fellowship with Him.

Have you, like David the psalmist, found yourself troubled by the unkind words or the crude language of the people around you? Don’t let it get to you. Focus your thoughts and words on the power of God. Remind yourself of His strength, love, and mercy. Offset the noise of the world around you with the praise coming from your own heart.