As the Lord’s return draws near, godlessness is increasing. Standards that have stood for decades are falling all around us. Crime, lawlessness, and disrespect all seem to be growing.

If that’s the way you’ve been looking at things recently, the psalmist David has good news for you. There is hope! There is a positive way to look at life.

Here are David’s recommendations for facing a world marked by “evildoers,” whose day in the sun is as fleeting as grass in the desert (Ps. 37:1-2).

  • Trust God (v.3). The alternative is to trust people with the future, and that leads to disappointment.
  • Do good things (v.3). The more good we do, the less chance evil has to succeed.
  • Delight in the Lord (v.4). Take delight in God and His will, and He promises to provide what you need.
  • Commit your way to God (v.5). He will bless your efforts.
  • Wait patiently for the Lord (v.7). He will prevail.

The more we immerse ourselves in God, His Word, and His promises, the less we will fret over the troubles of this world. Sure, it’s a tough world we live in, but with God we can be victorious!