Two writers whose books were penned in an era far different from our late 20th-century techno-society have made comebacks recently. Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women and Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility became popular again when film producers put their stories on the screen.

How could that be? Hasn’t our society advanced so far that yesteryear’s books couldn’t possibly have any relevance to today’s situations?

The great thing about classic literature is that just the opposite is true. Fine writing has enduring value when it speaks to the heart-issues people have always shared—issues like relationships, love, and surviving in this world.

But there’s one old book that tops them all. It stands above the rest not only because it speaks clearly and accurately about the human condition but also because it was inspired by the One who created us.

It’s the Bible, God’s Word to us. When it talks about marriage, it’s right on target. When it talks about how to treat others, it’s more helpful than today’s advice column. But most important, when it talks about the purpose of life, it’s the only source of truth.

The Bible—it’s an old book, but it’s still the best.