Our major highways are crawling with huge trucks, vans, and trailers. When we feel rushed, it’s easy to see them as nothing more than a hindrance to those of us traveling in smaller vehicles. We forget that the drivers of these mighty carriers are stewards, serving you and me. Having collected all sorts of manufactured goods needed by people everywhere, they have only one aim: Deliver the goods. How impoverished we would be without their service!

The apostle Peter wrote that believers are called to be good stewards of God’s vast resources. He called these resources “the manifold grace of God” (1 Pet. 4:10). The vehicle for receiving and delivering “God’s goods” is a yielded life. And the uniqueness of that vehicle is determined by the particular ability God has given the individual. Once we dedicate that ability for His use and for Christ’s glory, our aim should be to deliver the goods. If we fail to do so, others will not be blessed by our lives but will be starved instead.

Peter emphasized that the use of our gifts is a two-way ministry as we serve one another (v.10). As you journey life’s road, don’t look at other vehicles of God’s grace as a hindrance. You could end up starving yourself and them.