Suppose an old acquaintance stops by unexpectedly at your home during breakfast. You offer to take the day off, but he insists that you keep your regular schedule. So you invite him to go with you to work, and he accepts. How would he feel if you then ignored him completely—didn’t converse with him, failed to acknowledge his presence at coffeebreaks and lunch, and neglected to introduce him to anyone? We would all agree—that’s no way to treat a friend!

Jesus told His disciples that they were His friends (Jn. 15:15). And we who know Christ as our personal Savior have the assurance that we too are His friends. Do we, however, treat Him as our Friend?

Evaluate your friendship with the Lord by asking yourself these questions: Do I talk with Jesus in prayer throughout the day? Do I take time to read and meditate on His Word? Do I enjoy fellowship with Him? Am I concerned about what He thinks of my activities? Do I introduce Him to others? Do I ignore Him or respect Him? Can others tell that I have a close relationship with Christ?

Let’s make certain that each day we give Jesus Christ the consideration He deserves as our Savior, our Master, and our Friend!