With appealing humor, Ron Hutchcraft, busy author, speaker, and counselor, tells about his battle with stress. One day Ron decided to “interview” the family gerbil.

“Tell me, Gerbie,” Ron asked, “what do you have planned for today?”

“First, breakfast,” he replied, “and then get started.”

“Doing what?” Ron questioned.

“Why, the same thing I did yesterday, and the day before that.”

“What’s that?” Ron asked again.

“The wheel.”

And sure enough, Gerbie climbed on his little wheel and started running in circles. Hours later, he was still running.

The more Ron watched that gerbil, the more he saw himself. He had his own personal “wheels”—demands, deadlines, aggravations, ambitions. He felt as if he was running in circles, and he longed for peace. In his search, he made this discovery in Psalm 34: Peace isn’t automatic or passive; it must be pursued. Not only that, but peace is also a result of a right relationship with the Lord.

As never before, Ron enthroned the Lord as the Shepherd of his life. As he did, peace, instead of the stressful wheel, became normal. Which will be normal for you today?