When an elderly minister was asked to give his favorite Bible verse, he replied, “Half a dozen come to mind. On stormy days I want a cloak. On cold days I want the sunny side of the wall. On hot days I want a shady path. I may want a shower of manna or a cool drink of living water. I may want a sword. In fact, I might as well try to decide which of my eyes is my favorite. ‘All Scripture . . . is profitable'” (2 Tim. 3:16).

Although some parts of God’s Word have greater literary beauty than others, all are equally inspired. It is a mistake to rely on just a few verses and fail to become familiar with other passages that can supply us with fresh insights into the mind of God. Many believers are content to keep quoting the same portions of Scripture they did 5 or 10 years ago. They apparently have not grown in their understanding and appreciation of God’s Word.

The Holy Spirit did not waste words when He inspired the writers of the Bible. He intended that we should value the Word of God in its entirety. We may agree in principle, but in practice are we applying the truths gained from a wider reading of God’s Word? Can we honestly say, “I love all Your Word”?