Among the many names given to our Lord in the Bible, one is especially dear to me. It is the name Redeemer.

The word redeem literally means “to buy back.” It suggests that something has been sold or forfeited in order to pay a debt. When the price of its redemption has been paid, the lost article can be reclaimed.

Man was created in God’s image, but he sold out to Satan for some fruit from a forbidden tree. Since that time, all mankind has been enslaved to sin and under judgment.

The purchase price of redemption was the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, which met the demands of God’s holiness. Everyone who accepts God’s gift of forgiveness is set free and becomes a slave of Christ the Redeemer (Rom. 6:22).

Many years ago, a man visited a slave market. He watched for a while, then bid on a slave until no one was able to go any higher. After paying the price, he gave the bill of sale to the slave, and said, “I have purchased you to set you free.” Overcome with gratitude, the slave refused to leave him and became his devoted servant for life.

Jesus paid an enormous price for our salvation. Do we serve Him out of gratitude?