Prayer is one of the most important spiritual exercises for a believer. Jesus, the Son of God and Lord of all things, spent whole nights in prayer while He lived on earth.

In those night-long encounters, Jesus communed with His Father. His prayers were not just petitions to get something. Too often we think of prayer as a way to get God to do things for us or for others, but the highest purpose of prayer is to deepen our relationship with Him.

Prayer does involve petition and intercession, but it also includes communion. In petition God does something FOR us, in intercession He does something THROUGH us, and in communion He does something IN us.

When we pray, how much of our time is spent communing with the Lord? Our prayers will become less self-centered and more God-centered as we draw closer to Him, seek His glory, and subordinate our petitions to His will. Communion is the line that connects our soul with the battery of God’s power. When this line is down, our petitions are but idle chatter. God’s power must flow into our lives as we bow before Him and recognize Him as Lord of all. Communion with God is a great privilege and the most important element of prayer.