A college student was having difficulty with his studies, so he finally decided to talk to his professor. He complained, “I’m studying hard. I’m doing my best, but I just can’t retain what I read or try to memorize. Do you think it would help if I hired a tutor?”

Clearly understanding the young man’s problem, the instructor replied, “No, I wouldn’t recommend that at all. You don’t need a teacher, you need a pupil!” He knew that learning is enhanced when we share our knowledge with others.

This professor’s advice reminds me of believers who know many Bible facts but still have a poor understanding of scriptural truths. They attend church every Sunday, listen faithfully to religious broadcasts, enroll in Bible correspondence courses, and study the Scriptures personally; yet they seem to lack a working knowledge of the Bible. What’s the problem? They never do anything with the information! They don’t need to be taught more; they need to tell others what they have learned. As they put it into practice, they will fully grasp it.

Do you discuss the truths of God’s Word with others? If not, it’s time you stopped being just a pupil and started being a teacher.