The first time I got on the international computer network called the information superhighway, I took a very short drive. I was so disappointed with the trip that I soon exited. Instead of finding all kinds of exciting new information, I kept running into dead ends. Since that first excursion, I’ve learned a few tricks to make the Internet more helpful, but it’s still not as thrilling as the hype makes it sound.

Many things in life tend to be like that. The buildup is better than the actual experience. But there is something we can look forward to that will not disappoint us. Jesus is preparing a place for us, and no matter how high our anticipation, it won’t be a letdown. Heaven will be indescribably beautiful beyond our wildest imagination.

We’ve read the descriptions in Revelation of the golden streets, the pearled gates, and the exquisite walls (21:18-21). These will be breathtaking to behold. But our anticipation of them pales when compared to our expectation of seeing the glory of God and meeting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ face to face.

Man’s creations can be nice, but often they don’t deliver on their promises. Not so with heaven. In God’s presence, there will be no disappointment.