Some people think that going to a church service is not much different than going to a music concert. There are similarities: We travel to get there, we assemble with people of a common interest, our attention is focused on the front, and the ceiling is high.

There are many differences, though. You don’t have to purchase a ticket to get into church. No popcorn is allowed. But most significantly, the purpose of church is not for entertainment.

That’s where a lot of believers have the wrong idea. They think the people on the platform are putting on church for their sakes—to excite, enthrall, and entertain them.

Wrong. All wrong. The focus of the church is to be on God. We are there to worship Him.

John Phelan Jr. wrote in The Covenant Companion: “Worship is not meant to please me, to make me feel good, to meet my criteria, my standards, my tastes. Worship is for God! I am not to be the center of worship. God is to be at the center.”

In our Bible reading for today, Psalm 95, we are urged to come joyfully, thankfully, and reverently before the Lord. “Oh come, let us worship” (v.6).