One morning while shopping, I began chatting with a woman who was a radiant Christian. After mentioning that her income was extremely meager, she encouraged me when she shared this incident: “Recently our pastor asked if I needed special prayer for any material needs. I answered, ‘Just pray that I’ll know more of Christ, because through Him I receive all things!'” This woman obviously was in the habit of looking expectantly to God, the true supplier of her needs.

David began Psalm 145 with an eloquent burst of praise to God (vv.1-13). Then he wrote about our deep human needs and how those needs are satisfied by God’s abundant and freely given supply (vv.14-21).

What is it, then, that keeps this law of supply and demand from operating as God intended? The problem is that we often live as though we are self-sufficient. We’re shocked when life reminds us that we aren’t. But that’s the revelation we need if we are to become God-dependent people. We must recognize that it is God alone who provides for our needs.

The Lord desires to be responsible for you and your needs today. Will you let Him?