Has a doctor ever allowed you to use his stethoscope and listen to your own heart? It’s a rather strange experience to hear the steady rhythms of that organ which started to function even before you were born and will continue beating until you die.

When Sue Monk Kidd was a nurse in a hospital pediatric ward, she often let her young patients listen to their own hearts. One day as she carefully positioned the stethoscope for a 4-year-old named David, she said to him, “Listen. What do you suppose that is?” He tightened his eyebrows in deep thought and with a bright smile asked, “Is that Jesus knocking?”

Forget physiology and let David be your teacher. From the standpoint of spiritual health and eternal destiny, he was right. Jesus Christ, the crucified Savior and the risen Lord of glory, is indeed knocking at the door of every human heart. Our heart is the very core of our being, the controlling center of decision and choice (Rev. 3:20).

Have you gladly invited Him to become your personal Savior, forgiving your sins and cleansing your heart? (Jn. 3:1-16; Heb. 10:22). Have you invited Him into your life to rule as Lord, guiding your decisions and actions?

He’s knocking, waiting to come in.