Christ has done great things in my life. Because of what He has done for me and for other believers, I like to extend to people the same invitation that the Samaritan woman gave to her neighbors: “Come, see” (Jn. 4:29).

Come, see what He did in the life of Joe, a man who had been a slave to alcohol for more than 30 years. One Monday morning, after many previous discussions with me, he came to my house and said, “Last night I got on my knees and told God that I was a rotten sinner and asked Jesus to save me.” He was such a transformed man from that time forward that his neighbors were astounded.

Come, see what He did for a young woman dying of leukemia. When the doctors said the disease had returned after a time of remission, she calmly declared, “I’m not afraid, because I know where I am going.” During the following weeks she showed more concern for her family than for herself. I saw the presence of Jesus strengthen her and sustain the family.

After more than 65 years of trusting Jesus, I can vouch for the reality of His presence and power. I invite you to receive Jesus as your Savior and start living a life of obedience and trust. What He has done for me, He can do for you.