In today’s performance-driven world, Christians are often more critical of their own acts of service than God is. Many seek to honor Him in word and deed yet feel that nothing they do is ever good enough to please Him. Such distraught servants will be encouraged by today’s Bible reading in Mark 14.

From what we learn in John 12, we know that the woman in Mark 14 was Mary, the one who regarded listening at Jesus’ feet as more important than preparing an impressive meal (Lk. 10:38-42). F. B. Meyer wrote this about her: “Probably, of all His followers, Mary alone had understood His references to His death, and as she could not be present to perform the last offices of love, she rendered them in advance.”

Her extravagant anointing of Jesus’ head with costly oil was called a waste by her loveless critics. But Jesus quickly vindicated her by acknowledging that she had done a good work for Him simply by doing what she could.

Are you frustrated because of what you can’t do, and critical of what you can? Are the murmurings of others drowning out God’s “well done”? Rest for a while at Jesus’ feet and gain Mary’s understanding. Then rise up and do what you can, knowing that He will be pleased.