A minister flying to the West Coast struck up a conversation with the passenger next to him. “What’s your occupation?” he asked. His seatmate replied, “I’m a professor of astronomy. And what about you?” “I’m a pastor,” the minister answered.

The astronomer shifted a bit in his seat and then confessed, “I used to attend church when I was young, but my wife and I don’t go very often now. But the way I look at it, the Bible is pretty simple. It all boils down to ‘Get along with your neighbors and stay out of trouble.'”

“That’s interesting,” the pastor noted. “I feel the same way about what you do. For me, astronomy all boils down to ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are.'”

Even though children can understand the Bible’s basic truths, it is no simple book. Anyone who bothers to study it finds it to be as limitless as the cosmos. We can go back to the same text countless times and still find more there. No one has ever mastered the Scriptures.

The Bible is like the ocean. You can wade in it, feed from it, live on it—or drown in it. But those who take the time to learn its truths and practice them will be changed forever.