When we are young, we tend to live as if we think we’ll never die. Yet the psalmist said that if we want to gain a heart of wisdom, we need to start numbering our days, whatever our age (90:12). The best way to number them is to make sure that our life is patterned each day after the example of Jesus. Only then can we anticipate that our life will not have been lived in vain.

James Dobson, a well-known authority on the family, tells a story about his father, who was greatly loved by all who knew him. James Dobson Sr. spent much time in intercessory prayer, considering prayer for others his most important business on earth. In fact, he specified in his will that only two words were to be put on his tombstone following his name: HE PRAYED.

Of the thousands of verbs in our language, by which one are you likely to be remembered? He served. She cared. He supported. She praised. What if dishonoring verbs are linked with you because of thoughtlessness or selfishness? He cheated. She complained. It’s not too late to repent and trade those descriptions in for Christ-honoring ones. Then trust God to build them into your character. That’s the best way to number your days!