Mary is a senior citizen with many health problems. She is also a widow with a home to keep up. No use expecting Mary to do much in the church or community anymore, right? Wrong! In spite of her limitations, her faith continues to work.

Although Mary and her late husband had no children, they had a ministry to other people’s children. Now alone, she coordinates a new ministry in her church for women who might be considering abortion.

Mary writes, “If we are preaching against abortion, we should offer pregnant women our help. Within 2 days I’ve had four volunteers to help me. Now we must meet to set up a plan of action.”

A plan of action—how typical of a working faith! How different from people who see a desperate need and moan, “Why doesn’t somebody do something?” but are unwilling to be that somebody!

In James 2 we read that Abraham obediently offered his son Isaac on the altar. This act is cited as a work that proved the reality of his faith (vv.21-23).

Mary, like Abraham, has a faith that works. Our needy world could use many more like them. How can you put your faith into action today?