It was late winter in Kishnau, Moldova, a city near the Romanian border in what was formerly a part of the Soviet Union. “Uncle Charlie” VanderMeer, director of Children’s Bible Hour, was visiting the city to encourage Christian workers and to tell children about Jesus Christ.

Another cold Sunday didn’t deter the Christians in Kishnau. They turned out in force—1,500 strong—to worship at a church built 10 years earlier during strong communist persecution. According to VanderMeer, of all those who attended, only 20 or 25 arrived in cars. The rest either walked in the snow (some as far as 3 or 4 miles) or took public transportation. Some had to change buses up to five times. Then they did it all over again for the evening service. Amazed at the dedication of these people, Uncle Charlie wondered, “Would we go to church if we had to do that?”

The Christians of Moldova, like the people David wrote about in Psalm 122, were willing to go to great lengths to worship God. Neither the faithful in Jerusalem nor the worshipers in Kishnau had it easy. They faced many hardships and obstacles, yet they went with gladness and dedication.

As believers, we worship the same living God. Let’s go to the house of the Lord with the same joy and eagerness.