As some friends and I were cruising down the channel at South Haven that leads out to Lake Michigan, we were looking at the names on the other boats. Some were creative and descriptive, such as Witt’s End, Last Resort, and Second Mortgage.

One name in particular intrigued me: Heaven Can Wait. As I thought about it, I felt that this boat’s name probably represents the feelings of many people, even Christians, whom God has blessed with wealth.

Some of us enjoy our homes so much that we would just as soon wait to get to our heavenly home. Our good lives are so filled with comforts and pleasures that we aren’t yearning for the delights of heaven. Besides, we’re so wrapped up with our friends and family here that we’ve lost the anticipation of joining the wider family of God that awaits us in heaven.

It’s great to have a good life here. God “gives us richly all things to enjoy” (1 Tim. 6:17), but let’s not get so attached to it that we lose all interest in heaven. It’s a place with no tears, no sin, no pain, and no disappointment (Rev. 21:4)—and we’ll be with Jesus forever!

No matter how good our life may be here, heaven is far better.