I love to watch the crash-bang activities of Max, my 16-month-old grandson. He has his home all figured out, and he charges around with reckless abandon. In a new environment, though, he stays close to Mom.

When Mom takes Max to the grocery store or the mall, he makes sure she’s nearby. If a stranger pays him some attention, he throws his little arms around Mom’s neck and hangs on for security. And if he falls down or bumps his head, he runs straight to her.

Where else would he go? She’s always been right there when he needed her, and she’s been what he needed her to be.

It was something like that with the psalmist Asaph in his relationship with God. When surrounded by the confusing and troubling circumstances of life, he could turn to the Lord. He reminded himself that God was in control and would care for him. In Psalm 73, after honestly expressing his questions and his doubts, Asaph concluded, “Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You” (v.25).

It’s useless to look elsewhere for something that God alone can give. By faith, throw your arms around Him. Where else would you go?