No one is indispensable! Most of us readily agree with that statement but live as if we don’t believe it. We complain, “I simply can’t do it all!” yet keep right on trying to do it all.

Mark, one of the Gospel writers, described Jesus as He faced many demands on His time. He launched His ministry, called and trained disciples, taught and preached, healed and liberated, ministered to individuals and crowds.

How did He do it all? His priorities determined His use of time. He withdrew regularly to get time alone with His Father for rest and prayer. He was with His Father when His disciples intruded to say, “Everyone is looking for You” (Mk. 1:37). But Jesus replied, “Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also” (v.38).

Whenever Jesus turned His face toward one responsibility, He had to turn His back on another, just as we must do. But instead of letting the pressure of unmet needs determine His direction, He responded according to His sense of God’s purpose. He sharpened that sense daily through solitude with His Father—and so should we.

Get your priorities from the Lord, and you won’t be frustrated when you find you can’t do it all.