Do you remember what your pastor spoke about 8 weeks ago? Probably not. After all, it’s been a while. But does that mean it wasn’t a valuable message or that it was a waste of your time to hear God’s Word being preached?

Absolutely not! Especially if we see God’s Word and its teaching as a source of keeping us alive spiritually. Pro baseball player Shawn Boskie learned this truth while talking with a fellow Christian, Mark Dewey. “Mark asked me if I remembered what I had for lunch the 13th of last month, and I told him I couldn’t remember. He said, ‘But did it nourish you?’ I said, ‘Yes, I guess it did.'”

Boskie got Dewey’s point. “I think that’s the way God’s Word is,” Shawn concluded. “It nourishes us even though we may not be able to remember exactly what it was we read.”

The Word of God is indeed nourishment, and it comes to us from various sources: preaching, music that glorifies and praises God, and Bible-based literature, to list a few. We need to continually feed our souls—not so we can remember facts, but so we can grow stronger.

You may not recall all the details of each spiritual meal, but one thing is sure: It’s lasting nourishment.