In her book Less Stress, More Peace (published by Fleming H. Revell), Verna Birkey refers to a 72-year-old woman named Jo who worried about growing older. Jo called these fears “ugly gremlins.” To gain victory over them, she wrote a “Declaration of Commitment and Faith,” which I quote in part:

“My dear heavenly Father, how can I ever express how grateful I am for Your great care over me through the years? You have been so good. Why then, Lord, do these ugly gremlins come into my thinking? I worry about losing this wonderful husband that You have given me. Will I have to suffer a long illness before You take me home? What if I end up in a rest home? What if I become senile?

“There now, I’ve verbalized them! Those ugly gremlins! Lord, I now commit all these worries about old age to You. I will claim the promise You have given me in Psalm 92, that I shall still bring forth fruit in my old age. Each time one of these fears comes up, I will go back and review this commitment until I have peace. I can trust You with my old age. I praise You, Lord!”

Why not write your own “Declaration of Commitment and Faith” concerning your “ugly gremlins”?